The Foundation will be accepting applications through June 1 for discretionary grants to be made in 2019. The Foundation estimates that approximately $1.749 million will be available for distribution to charitable beneficiaries during 2019. Forty percent (40%) of the amount to be distributed, approximately $699,960, will be distributed to charitable organizations selected by the Trustees in accordance with grant procedures adopted by the Foundation.

The Trustees estimate that the following amounts will be available for distribution in 2019:

Grant Type No. Of Grants Amount of Each Grant
First Tier 3 $100,000
Second Tier 4 $50,000
Third Tier 10 $19,996
The exact amount available for distribution in 2019 will be determined after the Foundation's audited financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2018, are prepared.

If you have any questions regarding the grant procedures or any other matters, please contact the Foundation office which is staffed from 9:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Jane K. Lowe Foundation Announces 2019 Grant Amounts

In 2019, the Trustees of the Foundation made a distribution to the named beneficiaries of the Foundation, as follows:
Named Beneficiaries Distribution
The University of Alabama in Birmingham $55,121.80
Randolph School 78,745.50
Vanderbilt University 78,745.50
Agnes Scott College 78,745.50
Girls Incorporated 78,745.50
Huntsville Boys Club 78,745.50
For 2019, the Jane K. Lowe Charitable Foundation received 107 formal requests for discretionary grants. The total amount available for discretionary grants was $590,836.40, and the total amount requested was in excess of $5.728 million. All of the grant applications were for beneficial projects and programs making the selection of recipients difficult. The Trustees appreciate the interest shown by the charitable organizations that submitted grant applications. A total of 18 grants were awarded for the year 2019.

Based upon a consideration of the grant applications, the Trustees have decided to award the following discretionary grants for 2019 (a more detailed description of the grant awards is attached):

First Tier  
$100,000 Partnership for a Drug Free Community

Huntsville Madison County Public Library

Second Tier  
$50,000 Huntsville Museum of Art
$50,000 Arc of Madison County
$50,000 Village of Promise
$50,000 University of Alabama in Huntsville
Third Tier  
$19,083.64 Habitat for Humanity
$19,083.64 North Alabama Search Dog Association
$19,083.64 Hudson Alpha Foundation
$19,083.64 Huntsville Symphony Orchestra
$19,083.64 Huntsville Chamber Music Guild
$9,541.82 Girl's Inc.
$9,541.82 Boys and Girls Clubs of North Alabama
$19,083.64 Lincoln Village Preservation Corporation
$19,083.64 Community Free Clinic, Inc.
$19,083.64 Catalyst Center for Business & Entrepreneurship
$9,541.82 Ability Plus
$9,541.82 Huntsville Master Chorale

Those organizations which were not awarded a grant for 2019 are encouraged to submit a request for discretionary grants to be awarded in 2020. The fact that an organization's grant request was not acted upon favorably should not influence the decision to request a future grant.

Questions and inquiries regarding the grant procedures or any other matters should be made to the Foundation office:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
(256) 536-1231.